November 3, 2008

Blogging blahs

Well, what to blog about, that is a question. Sorry for no new, exciting posts about my grand adventures. I guess it goes with the late Fall blahs, and the fact that I'm now on hold while applying for truck driving jobs. So there are no special plans at the moment. Here in the southern part of Colorado we still haven't had much snow. I'm looking forward to snow even though it means bitter cold, too. I still need to hike more, and at higher elevation to get acclimated for snow boarding this winter. The next big event will be my return to Tennessee the first week of December, only a month away! I will be in Knoxville for a week.

Feel free to comment here on any suggestions for blog posts you may want me to write.


Leanne said...

How about writing about what makes Colorado, Colorado? The local food, issues, people, sayings, etc. I've never been there and am curious about it. Especially the food part! :)

Jody Leavell said...

I'll have to search for what is different, other than they don't have any real soul food here. Seems like it is otherwise the same as anywhere else. I shall investigate.