October 26, 2008

I'm a truck driver!

I passed my CDL test. Yeeeeeee Haaawwwwww.

Now this week I'll start applying to some trucking companies for a job. I look forward to making money again. I may get hired for OTR(Over the Road) which may take me anywhere within the lower 48 states, including Tennessee. Or I may be hired for local or in-state runs. I also may get hired to haul explosives, wouldn't that be cool?

Last Thursday my instructor had me drive up in the mountains for some road experience with steep grades and tight turns. We traveled all the way up to Estes Park. Remember the movie "The Shining"? The hotel featured in the movie is located in Estes Park. Oddly enough, there is a grocery store located about 150 yards in front of the hotel. I always thought the hotel was in the middle of nowhere. On the way down we encountered a pair of deer who didn't get that a truck was coming and that they needed to move out of the road. Two blasts on the air horn and they got they message! You should have seen them run.


Shaw said...

Way to go Jody on passing the test! Good luck on finding a new job. That sounds exciting and fun. And think of all the pretty scenary you'll see.


Jody Leavell said...

Thanks Jennifer. I like your blog, by the way.