November 14, 2008

The Royal Gorge Railroad

Railroads! That is a favorite topic of little boys, like Hayden, all over the world. What excitement! Just in my back yard I walked out to find the "Royal Gorge Railroad" busy connecting passenger cars for a trip through the deep canyon just east of town. This is a famous railroad built back in the days of cowboys and Indians. The railroad follows the Arkansas River west to the great Continental Divide. When it was first being built two different railroad companies fought for the right to put their line through first. This was known as the great railroad war. The Royal Gorge is a very steep and deep canyon that the train must pass through as it leaves the town of Canon City, Colorado. The river through here is a torrent of white water and is very dangerous. When the railroad was first built it carried stone, coal, timber, gold, and silver. Today it just carries passengers who want to tour this beautiful route through the mountains.

There are dinner cars that serve big fancy meals to the tourists. There is an observation deck car that has no roof! People like to come out on this car to look up at the steep canyon walls. The train is pulled by a big orange colored diesel engine today. Wow, what fun. I want to ride on this train some day.

Visit my Picasa album on the Royal Gorge Railroad.

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Leanne said...

And don't forget that little girls love trains too! My little monster girl is enamored with Thomas the Train and made a "choo choo" sound all on her own the other when I mentioned going to play with the trains in the bookstore. I think I know one thing Santa might be bringing her this year! :)