October 12, 2008

Breaker 19 Good Buddy


It looks we got us a convoy! No, just remembering that song from my distant past as I prepare to go off to Truck School! Yee-haw. Seriously, I'm going to pay someone to train me in the art of operating a tractor trailer rig and help me get my CDL Class A license so that I can maybe get a job driving a big truck for a while. Yeah, yeah, you didn't see it coming, I know. We can talk about is some time if you like.
AND TODAY: I actually practiced connecting and disconnecting this very pair of tractor and trailer. The second half of today that is all we did: back off the king pin, release glad hands, release fifth wheel closing pin, pull up about 18 inches slowly, if all goes well continue moving forward away from the trailer. Sort of the same for connecting, just in opposite order. Ad-nauseum, but that is what it takes to get the hang of the order of events and the feel of all the moving parts. Simple steps, but forgetting just one could have devastating consequences so we have to get it right.

UPDATE: Halfway through the training and I have passed all the written tests required by the DMV. I will also have endorsements for Hazmat, Tankers, and Doubles/Triples. That means I can carry a truck load of high explosives legally, how cool is that?

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Leanne said...

I'm sure you have stories about trucking school...where are they? :)