September 12, 2008

The Yellow Time Machine

Here I am standing next to my new "death machine". Right now it is not running for some strange reason. But it ran very well the day this picture was taken. Because of the amount of newly available horsepower this bike has brought into my life I plan to attend a track day in Las Vegas in a few weeks. I want learn how to handle this bike with better skill than I currently have. The reason for calling it a time machine is because it has the capacity to make people in your mirror disappear!

On the day this picture was taken I went for a ride through the heart of Colorado with some fellow riders. Up on the high plains area known as South Park(yes, that South Park) I felt almost high, like John Denver sang about. One must remember to keep their hands on the handlebars and not reach up in the air to soar with the eagles! The downside to riding the motorcycle through this landscape is that I don't want to stop and take pictures of it. I may have to go back one day with a donkey or mule so I can slow down and take time to set up some good shots. I shall return.


Leanne said...

If you do return on a donkey, you must take a picture of you ON the donkey! :)

Jody Leavell said...

I promise I will.