September 5, 2008

Last blast for the Blast?

Last weekend I had a full day of riding on my Buell Blast on a beautiful Colorado day. I joined up early with my friends Frank and Lynn and rode along with them for about 100 miles of their trip to Ignacio. Despite nearly running out of gas on the last 15 miles with them I couldn't simply return back home so I headed north to Buena Vista, refueled, and headed up to Cottonwood Pass. Boy, the Blast isn't meant for altitudes above 10,000 feet! It became extremely anemic and I found myself downshifting into first and second gear to make it up the last mile to 12,000 feet. Oh well, it has good brakes and handles like a dream going downhill. This may be the last big trip for the Blast under my care. I bought a 2003 XB9s today and it is a hot rod. More about that bike later, but for now I think this is a fitting picture to remember my Blast by.


Leanne said...

I wondered how long you would last with the blast.

Congrats on the new bike! Which is what I'm assuming an "XB9s" is! :)

Jody Leavell said...

Yes, the XB9S is the bike model of my new one.