September 19, 2010

Time to revive the blog!

Yes, I have intentionally left my blog here in cold storage for nearly 2 years. Well, there were good reasons to do so, but now there are good reasons to start it back. More about those new reasons in later posts, perhaps. Note that I would not expect anyone to "tune in" to my channel here ever. But, through other forms of communication I may make reference to my blog where I can feel free to expand and create a bit more.

At the moment I am making some choices for myself that involve the ever present past and how to get loose of it when it just isn't good any more. Good people make good connections with the past, certainly. Without those few good souls in the world we wouldn't have a fertile ground for the present and future. Sadly, some people are not so good and leave the rest of us with barren land and a persistent question of "why"?

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